Nana is a 7-year-old girl from a typical low income family (monthly household income below $4,000). Due to the new immigrant policy in HK, as her parents are both not a HK citizen, they do not have the work visa in HK. Her parents simply dig into the rubbish for treasure every day to find their living in HK.

Why don’t they return to mainland China if the life in HK is so hard for them?

Nana is one of the typical children who lost her citizenship ‘account’ in mainland China since she was in HK 7 years ago. During 2006/7, since the birth rate in HK was low n the population was facing the aging issue, the govt promoted to mainlanders that just spending $39,000 on giving births in HK, the future of HK would be in the hands of these new generation.

The idea was great but without following up with proper policies facilitating everything afterwards, the beds for giving births in public hospitals was a crisis in the beginning n now the long term issue free education n medical places in HK. For a girl like Nana, who has lost her free education account in China with both parents non-HK citizen, there’s simply left not many choices but to struggle the life in HK bringing up Nana in this only place where she is eligible to receive free education here.

Learning from the NGO that she badly needs a replacement of her school bag, during our donation drop-off session in DB, we were very pleased to receive such a new princess school bag for her! I couldn’t wait to forward the pic of the bag to the NGO n we are all very happy for her.

To help Nana further, we would like to collect some more blessings along with this lovely school bag. She needs:

– Clothes for a 7-year old girl;
– stationery for the upcoming new academic year in Sept;
– anything you may find useful for a girl like her living in a cubicle unit in HK.

Then, we also need:

a volunteer to bring this bag of love & blessing from DB to Central Pier 3.

Another volunteer will pick it up from Central n bring it to the office of the NGO for Nana afterwards.

May you be able to offer your help in any kinds, kindly drop us a line.

Many thanks!

DB Mothers & Friends
We recycle & redistribute; it’s charitable & environmental!

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