We are a Discovery Bay-based social enterprise that provides collection service to reduce wastes in our city and redistribute mainly to various charities and the ones in need via the contact of registered social workers. We aim to recycle and redistribute every single piece of household items to the less fortunate in Hong Kong and the rest of the world!

We collect everything that is Reusable and Clean. We believe there is still much to do about recycling in HK. Quality second hand items could also bring smiles to the less fortunate in our community to help relieve their hardship in lives.

Since 2013, we have collected from over thousands of homes and redistributed resources over hundreds of low income and less fortunate homes in HK, the Philippines, and some third world countries etc. Nothing is more delightful to pass on our blessings to people in need, fulfilling both environmental and social-friendly goals!

During collections, we also hire some low income individuals to carry out moving jobs, to provide them more job opportunities to earn for their living. We believe offering material donations is to help them in short run, while offering more job opportunities could help them to live in a long run. We continue to explore more about what we could do in this area constantly.

Meanwhile, we organise ‘Charity Saturday’ for donation collection every week in Discovery Bay, Tung Chung and Park Island. Gathering all the collection orders in one day is to minimise the costs and maximise the collection for all the beneficiaries. Every week, we at least fill a 5.5-tonne truck with decent second-hand furniture, appliances, household items, clothes and toys etc. We are planning on expanding our collection further in the years to come.

To integrate our lives with a Green and Social-friendly way when parting our unwanted items, kindly join our Facebook group ‘DB Mothers & Friends’, pm/emailΒ me the list and pictures of your pieces, address and contact number via I shall reply and arrange the collection promptly.

May our beloved items &Β blessings be passed on to the ones in need & relieve their hardship in lives in our community.


Kind Regards,


Nikki Wytus Bouteiller

Director & Founder

DB Mothers & Friends Limited