Do you remember our Super Redistribution this month on Dec 12, fully furnished a 200 sq ft public housing unit for a mid-aged man Mr Lam in Ngau Tau Kok?

Mr Lam is a 59-year old low income individual, earning about $5000 per month, who has just divorced 2 years ago. Since then he alone lived in a cubicle unit in Wan Chai paying for over $2000 monthly, having the space not much more than a single bed, sharing the toilet & kitchen with other residents on the same floor.

After 2 years of waiting n struggling in this kind of hard living condition, he finally got allotted a public housing unit having his own toilet n kitchen. Considering the low income rate he earns every month, after paying for the rent of this public housing unit about $1000 per month, food n transport to work, it’s quite little that he can save to buy a bed, fridge, washing machine etc. Therefore, DB Mothers & Friends was so proud to redistribute a bed & mattresses, fridge, washing machine, tv, n a chest of drawers for Mr Lam two weeks ago.

What made the redistribution more than material-wise?

Thanks to our dear university student volunteer Charlie to pay him a visit on the next day afterwards, Dec 13.

Mr Lam wanted so much to learn how to use whatsapp to keep in touch with his separated daughter abroad. Charlie selflessly spent his Saturday free morning to visit Mr Lam at his unit to teach him how to use this application on his smart phone. From then onwards, we could communicate with Mr Lam via whatsapp. Hopefully he could do the same with his daughter in this least costly way to stay in touch with each other.

Life is hard and could be very hard for some people around us in our community. Redistributing useful furniture n household appliances brings a lot of smiles to people in need. We enjoy providing all other possible needs to them when we can too. How amazed we could all feel in the end when we just help each other a little bit? Wonderful!

Therefore, should you or your friends any unwanted FURNITURE, electronic appliances, sizeable household items etc kindly join our ‘DB Mothers & Friends’ Facebook page and pm me
– the PICTURES of them,
– your ADDRESS and
We would be so pleased to recycle and redistribute from you to the less fortunate in HK!

Appointments for our 69th round, on Jan 3, Saturday, is now open for reservation. First Come, First Served. Many thanks!

May our unwanted items be the treasure of the less fortunate in HK and the rest of the world and bring smiles in their hardship in lives.

DB Mothers & Friends
We recycle & redistribute; it’s charitable & environmental!

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