Millions of thanks to all the Hong Kong, Kowloon, DB, Tung Chung, Sai Kung… supporters, DB Mothers & Friends had such an awesome achievement in the mid-Dec before Christmas last year! Among one of these consecutive collection and redistribution days:

— Dec13, 17 —

8:00 Our 1st truck started in Tai Tam

11:22 Completed 1 truck of donations to Crossroads in North Point

13:00 Started the 2nd truck of the day at Lohas Park

16:00 Collection continued to Discovery Bay

18:07 Completed the 2nd truck of the day in Tung Chung

19:34 Delivered the 2nd truck of donation to Crossroads

20:44 Redistributed a truck of donations for containers to third world countries

21:56 Redistributed a L-shaped leather Sofa to a refugee family in To Kwa Wan

— Dec14, 17 —

8:00 Our 1st truck started in Sheung Wan

11:32 Completed 1 truck of donations to Crossroads in South Bay

13:00 Started the 2nd truck of collection in Chai Wan

15:28 Completed the 2nd truck to Crossroads in Tai Po

15:54 Started the 3rd truck of collection in Kowloon City

18:14 Delivered the 3rd truck of donations to Crossroads in Tuen Mun

19:06 Picked up a truck of donations to containers for Africa

20:08 Redistributed a baby cot to a Pakistanis family in Yuen Long

20:19 Delivered the truck of donation to containers for Africa

— 26-hour in 2 consecutive days of Collection & Redistribution completed! About 5,000kg of preloved furniture, appliances, clothes, toys, books etc saved from landfills and blessed numerous charities & families in need locally and internationally!! —

Hehee…. too long to read? ๐Ÿ˜›

What is DB Mothers & Friends?

We are a social enterprise providing collection service to redistribute your ‘preloved’ items from homes and offices to charities, schools, churches and the ones in need via the contacts of social workers etc.

Our primary goal – is to save as much preloved items as possible from landfills – for the ENVIRONMENTAL cause!

Second – to help people in need &

Third – to create job opportunities – for the SOCIALLY BENEFICIAL causes!!!

Therefore, We love and are excited about our job! We operate every day and collect EVERY WED – FRI,

For the Environmental and Socially beneficial causes, ๐Ÿ™‚

Should you have any preloved






– BOOKS etc

for us to collect and redistribute to CHARITIES, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, PPL IN NEED via SOCIAL WORKERS, kindly

1- Join our Facebook group โ€˜DB MOTHERS & FRIENDSโ€™

2- PM me: <PIC>, <ADDRESS> & <CONTACT NO.>

3- Tell me if any STAIRS? DISMANTLING needed? TRUCK PARKING space available?

I shall arrange the moving/collection appointment* promptly. First Come First Served.

Donations are also welcome to be dropped off INTO our ENVIRONMENTAL TOY HOUSES at COSTA, BRILLIANCE Court and MIDVALE bus stop in DB anytime from now on!

May our preloved items be helping the ones in HK and the rest of the world, bring smiles to EVERYONE and our ENVIRONMENT!

Kind Regards,


DB Mothers & Friends

Social Enterprise providing collection service


WED: am HK island; pm DB;

THU: am HK island; pm KLN & NT (except south Lantau and other outlying islands);

FRI: am HK island; pm DB, Tung Chung & Park Island or Anywhere on request;

*Collection fee applies and varies according to the size of collection to help us operate with a truck, movers, tolls & parkings etc. (The rate of GoGoVan or local removal service could be taken as a reference)