Just received the email from the HKR management this afternoon to confirm that the flea market might be postponed to Oct 29 due to the unstable weather. 
Fred and I washed and cleaned all the items we are going to donate for raising the transport fund to deliver donations to the ones in need by the end of the flea market. Now that the flea market is postponed, we could have a little bit more time to stay with our beloved preloved items! 😀
One of our very much beloved items – baby pushchair – was our best investment that last for 7 years to raise 3 children of ours plus carrying countless of daily shopping from fusion! 
We bought most of the accessories to go along with the pushchair – the drinks holder, prampack for flying etc! Hope there will be a buyer for the complete whole set and hopefully this one whole can already provide us enough fund for the Gogovan to deliver all the rest of the donation of the day to the ones in need from DB to New Territories! 🙂
See you on Oct 29 during the flea market! 
If your preloved items are needed to be collected sooner than that from DB, our next collection to DB is on Oct 20, HK on 18 and NT on 19. Kindly let me know. 
We love and are excited about our job! We are collecting/operating EVERY DAY during a week – from WED-SAT, 
For the Environmental and Socially beneficial causes, 🙂
Should you have any preloved 




– TOYS, 


– BOOKS etc 

for us to collect and redistribute to CHARITIES, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, PPL IN NEED via SOCIAL WORKERS, kindly
1- Join our Facebook group ‘DB MOTHERS & FRIENDS’ 
2- PM me: <PIC>, <ADDRESS> & <CONTACT NO.>
3- Tell me if any STAIRS? DISMANTLING needed? TRUCK PARKING space available?
I shall arrange the moving/collection appointment* promptly. First Come First Served.
Donations are also welcome to be dropped off INTO our ENVIRONMENTAL TOY HOUSES at COSTA, BRILLIANCE Court and MIDVALE bus stop in DB anytime from now on!
May our preloved items be helping the ones in HK and the rest of the world, bring smiles to EVERYONE and our ENVIRONMENT!
Kind Regards,


DB Mothers & Friends

Social Enterprise providing collection service


WED: HK island;

THU: anywhere on request;

FRI: KLN & NT (except south Lantau and other outlying islands);

SAT: DB, Tung Chung & Park Island
*Collection fee applies and varies according to the size of collection to help us operate with a truck, movers, tolls & parkings etc. (The rate of GoGoVan or local removal service could be taken as a reference)