DATE: Oct 15, 2017 Sunday
TIME: 12:00-4:00pm

VENUE: DB Plaza (kindly look for our 2x1m big banner at our booth to find us!)

WE COLLECT: Any preloved toys, clothes, books, bags, bikes, strollers, small household and kitchen items… any handful items! πŸ˜‰

BENEFICIARY: the ones in need in the third-world countries in Africa πŸ‡§πŸ‡« 
Yes, DB Mothers & Friends is redistributing abroad! 🚒 
Recently, we have been so excited that we are beginning our beneficiary network outside Hong Kong! While we are still making our best to redistribute items within our Hong Kong charities, schools, churches and people in need via social workers locally, we are also trying to fill containers abroad to send items that local HK homes in need that are not able to receive, maximizing the chance to reuse each items rather seeing them sadly to landfills ultimately. To sustain a Green and socially beneficial lifestyle is our primary goal of our DB Mothers & Friends social enterprise! 😊
Hopefully our first container shall arrive in Africa by Christmas. As getting more known and network abroad by time, we wish to be able even help building schools, libraries, centers, orphanages, hospitals …, increasing the number of literates among the African population, ONE DAY! After Africa, many more direct redistribution missions to other continents/countries/areas in need… πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ€—πŸ’ͺ🏻
However, Everything is still in the beginning now. Your support is enormously significant! If you don’t mind us reselling your goodies locally during the flea market, hope to see you then!
About our regular collection, we love and are excited about our job! We are collecting/operating EVERY DAY during a week – from WED-SAT, 
For the Environmental and Socially beneficial causes, πŸ™‚
Should you have any preloved 




– TOYS, 


– BOOKS etc 

for us to collect and redistribute to CHARITIES, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, PPL IN NEED via SOCIAL WORKERS, kindly
1- Join our Facebook group β€˜DB MOTHERS & FRIENDS’ 
2- PM me: <PIC>, <ADDRESS> & <CONTACT NO.>
3- Tell me if any STAIRS? DISMANTLING needed? TRUCK PARKING space available?
I shall arrange the moving/collection appointment* promptly. First Come First Served.
Donations are also welcome to be dropped INTO our ENVIRONMENTAL TOY HOUSES at COSTA, BRILLIANCE Court and MIDVALE bus stop in DB anytime from now on!
May our preloved items be helping the ones in HK and the rest of the world, bring smiles to EVERYONE and our ENVIRONMENT!
Kind Regards,


DB Mothers & Friends

Social Enterprise providing collection service

WED: HK island;

THU: anywhere on request;

FRI: KLN & NT (except south Lantau and other outlying islands);

SAT: DB, Tung Chung & Park Island
*Collection fee applies and varies according to the size of collection to help us operate with a truck, movers, tolls & parkings etc. (The rate of GoGoVan or local removal service could be taken as a reference)