Millions of thanks to the support of all Hong Kong and Kowloon donors, DB Mothers & Friends gladly sent 2 trucks of furniture, electronic appliances, toys, clothes and even medical equipment from a clinic to our close charity partner Crossroads Foundation today, 1 truck in the morning & 1 in the afternoon! All the donation will be serving those in need about half for the local HK and half internationally via containers to 3rd world countries. 
DB Mothers & Friends has been collecting and sending Crossroads trucks of donation every week since 2014. Now every week, we collect 3 days – Wed (HK), Fri (KLN, NT) & Sat (DB, Tung Chung, Park Island).
Meanwhile, we also network other charities, schools, churches and people in need via social workers to directly redistribute preloved items collected. Therefore, you may see some beneficiaries faces covered from us from time to time. Those are our Direct Redistribution Missions accomplished! 😀
During our collection, we hire and train some unemployed individuals cases referred by social workers to carry out moving jobs for us. This provides more job opportunities to the unemployed for them to earn for their living instead of solely providing them material donations. We are very happy to help people in this way too. 🙂
Therefore we love our job and are collecting/operating 3 days a week too – WED, FRI & SAT!
So should you have any preloved FURNITURE, ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, TOYS, CLOTHES, BOOKS etc for us to collect and redistribute to CHARITIES, SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, PPL IN NEED via SOCIAL WORKERS, kindly
1- Join our Facebook group ‘DB MOTHERS & FRIENDS’ 
2- PM me: <PIC>, <ADDRESS> & <CONTACT NO.>
3- Tell me if any STAIRS? DISMANTLING needed? TRUCK PARKING space available?
I shall arrange the moving/collection appointment* promptly. First Come First Served.
Donations are also welcome to be dropped off INTO our ENVIRONMENTAL TOY HOUSES at COSTA, BRILLIANCE Court and MIDVALE bus stop in DB anytime from now on!
May our preloved items be helping the ones in HK and the rest of the world, bring smiles to EVERYONE and our ENVIRONMENT!
Kind Regards,


DB Mothers & Friends

Social Enterprise providing collection service

WED: HK island;

FRI: KLN & NT (except south Lantau and other outlying islands);

SAT: DB, Tung Chung & Park Island
*Collection fee applies and varies according to the size of collection to help us operate with a truck, movers, tolls & parkings etc.