Over 30 refugee kids, moms & dads could dress up and haunted around the city on the Halloween night this year! 
‘Thank you thank you thank you…. Our Halloween is like Christmas!’ expressed happily from 3 to 45 year-old kids, single parents refugees today! 
The costumes are not just for them to use it once a year! During the kids birthday parties at schools, refugees kids could now have a fancy outfit to put on! 
The experience I had with the kids today was awesome! Most of the kids were familiar to me now and we are not friendly and happy hanging out together! I said to one of the girl, ‘I remember taking a picture next to you last time!’ She was so happy that I remember her and she looked and felt so much different then! Happy Happy Happy! Amazing! 
Nothing could be comparable to see all our beneficiaries digging in and receiving our donations from the big ‘pool’ of Halloween costumes, candies, milk powder, men and women summer and winter clothes, toys, stickers, household items like forks n knives, cups, glasses, mugs, shoes, ALL from DB, this afternoon! Being able to be there feeling the happiness washed off all the fatigue from the beginning of preparing the journey of donation redistribution missions! All the smiles in each picture are so powerful, grateful and blissful! How can anyone not going thru all these over 70 pictures? Seen where your donation went? 😉
Let me express my gratitude to everyone who helped to make this happen:
First of all, thanks to the Discovery College (DC) Student Volunteers Committee members Erin, Jessica, Kimberly and Nadine for organising the costumes donation drive, creating the poster, communicating with fellow DC students and the PTA, trying to fund raise to support the cost of this donation redistribution project they organised*, helping us to bring about 10 boxes of donations 2 rounds up and down 4 levels of stairs to the refugee office, taking photos during the party, distributing candies, taking part to be there with refugees to make them feel that there were ppl from Discovery Bay who care… (the list is quite endless.. :p)
Second, millions thanks of the PTA of DC for donating more than 3 big boxes of costumes for refugees! All moms n kids n even dads or singles enjoyed the costumes! How amazing?!
Third, another millions of thanks to our candies donors from DB! Big thanks to Sue, Megan & Leah for bringing the candies all the way to my doors during the week, all kids could enjoy the candies so happily!! 
Fourth, thanks to all the donors who donated to us to our Environmental Toy (ET) Houses at Costa and Brilliance Court, we could have so many toys and clothes to give away today. (About those who donated budo not see your donation in the pictures, they are all well packed in more than 10 big zippered storage bags in our ET houses now to be redistributed to Christian Action later!)
Fifth, thanks to Hilary for donating all the boxes of milk powder, all the single refugee moms loved them!
Sixth, thanks to Mel for the quality boxes she donated to us before, we could use them to pack donations today!
Seventh, thanks to Nadine’s mom lending the shopping trolley n all the ikea bags for the transport of donation today too!
Eighth, thanks to our La BOUM BOOM event entertainment partner Kenny sending 2 entertainers for balloon sculpting for refugee kids during the party!
Ninth, thanks to our dear driver Rogers for offering such a discount transport fare for this redistribution mission to refugees!
Tenth, thanks to Fred keeping my 3 young kids home alone aged 1, 3 & 5, I could go to carry out this donation redistribution mission with the DC student volunteers n enjoyed the genuine happiness with the refugees during the party today! 
…… The list could be endless!
November is a thanksgiving month. In fact our thanksgiving spirit should be with us every time and everywhere we go. Nothing is delivered by no effort. In other words, there is no free lunch… Whatever is happening around us is such a big collective effort by everyone else who has contributed their time and effort beforehand! Not only our next generation should understand this and possess a thanksgiving spirit, but also we all adults should remember it too. I understand the stressful city life could make ppl closed from each other n cold to each other sometimes. But let me state it clear once again – the reason why I started DB Mothers & Friends – it is to promote a convivial community among us! With my linguistic advantage, bilingual in Cantonese and English, I first try to help dealing with the huge wastes in DB to benefit our community environmentally and socially for the less fortunate out there in our city. 
WE ARE A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE upholding a social company objective, NOT A CHARITY AS THE ENTITY ourselves. We operate in a way we need to cover the costs and expenses without government funding or any religion background to support us. My whole family are the full time volunteers, unpaid/no salary staff. Like it or not, this is the model Fred and I like to run DB Mothers & Friends. For inquiry, kindly Join our FB group, Read the pinned post, Visit our blog in the About Us section or even Find my contact number printed on our posters and Call me for inquiry. Also, Everyone is welcome to follow me, a mom of 3 young kids aged 1, 3 & 5 without any full time helper to organise, communicate with all various parties, execute projects, missions, each Charity Saturday (110 weeks continuously already) and run DB Mothers & Friends, every day, everywhere. 😉 We love inquiries. Trolls on public forum is heartbreaking! Thx! 
About our Charity Saturday, our 111th, 112th … round on Nov 7, 14, 21, 28 is open now for booking. 
Should you have any unwanted FURNITURE, ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES, household items, toys, clothes, books etc, kindly join our Facebook group ‘DB Mothers & Friends’ and pm me 

-the pictures of your donation, 

-collection address, and 

-your contact number. 
I shall arrange the collection appointment promptly. First Come First Served.
Any small volume of donations are welcome to be dropped off into our Environmental Toy House at Costa or Brilliance Court anytime from now on!
May our unwanted items be the treasure of the underprivileged in HK and the rest of the world and bring smiles in their hardship in lives.
Kind Regards, 
Nikki & Fred

DB Mothers & Friends 

We recycle & redistribute; it’s charitable & environmental!

P.S. Our upcoming door-to-door donation collection days in Nov are:

7, 14, 21, 28
Stay tuned to our next TC Donation Drop-off session in Tung Chung Crescent Blk 5 lobby from 10-11am.
We serve Park Island too!

* The cash they received from a week drive is $50. 

The cost of redistribution from DB to Sai Ying Pan is $457.

(Driver $200 + DB toll $120 + DB Mgt $12 + Lantau Link $40 + Western Cross Harbour tunnel $70 + Cross Harbour Tunnel for the return trip for the driver $15)

$457 – $50 = $407 (supported from At Home in DB coffee morning donation^ to our Redistribution Fund, Sept 2015; ^a full breakdown of how the donation are all spent shall be released in the end.)