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Thanks to all the generous DB donors, our Environmental Toy House is constantly over 75% full!

Today, with the help of Nam, we sorted and redistributed 2 big boxes and 1 bag of crookery and cutlery, pots and pans, cups and mugs and glasses etc for the low income families in the Northern district this morning! (The bag of dolls in the picture was very lovely and going too, but Nam had to wait for next week as it was raining and over the volume he could handle alone via public transport today. ;-))

There are 2 potential beneficiaries of today’s goodies, both recently got allotted a public housing unit – Mr Sze and Ms Tung Mui.

Mr Sze, mid-aged unemployed due to mentally challenged, was living in a bigger public housing unit in the past but unfortunately after his mom passed away, the government took back the unit. He is now allotted a smaller one due to the decrease of the number of residents in the unit. Apparently, a lot of the old furniture of his does not fit in the new unit and they were pretty much depreciated anyway. Nam is going to redistribute him some kitchen items and take pictures for us about his present living condition to see what kind of furniture is needed in the end. As Mr Sze does not have any mobile phone, Nam is waiting for him at his block at the moment to see if he can catch him today. Many thanks to Nam’s time and effort!

Ms Tung Mui, is a luckier one comparing to Mr Sze. She is a new immigrant who recently allotted a public housing unit in Hung Shui Kiu. She has a family of 4, a daughter, a son and husband. She is getting the key of the unit this afternoon! Pretty much of today’s crookery and cutlery, cups and mugs will go to her home. Later on, we shall have more information about what kind of furniture is needed too.

Thanks to Cube Self Storage for providing us a free storage unit in Kowloon City, DB Mothers & Friends has some furniture stored last Thursday and ready to redistribute to these two beneficiary units anytime from now! (Just need some help of the logistics after. Watch out when we shout out for help! :-P)

In the picture of a woman receiving some crookery and cutlery and glasses, she is Ms Yeung, the unfortunate mom having a son at a permanent vegetative state for 13 years. She still needs to constantly visit the hospital to take care of him. We are glad to see her smile today again when receiving of donations. 🙂

In the other picture about the child receiving a new school bag for this academic year, it was redistributed by Nam during a church meeting in Sheung Shui last week. We made another happy girl! 🙂

Let’s continue to DONATE & BLESS the forgotten ones in need!
Our 104th, 105th… rounds of Charity Saturday on Sept 12, 26 are now open for reservation.

Should you have any unwanted FURNITURE, ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES, household items, toys, clothes, books etc, kindly join our Facebook group ‘DB Mothers & Friends’ and pm me
-the pictures of your donation,
-collection address, and
-your contact number.
I shall arrange the collection appointment promptly. First Come First Served.

Any small volume of donations are welcome to be dropped off into our Environmental Toy House at Costa Court anytime from now on!

May our unwanted items be the treasure of the underprivileged in HK and the rest of the world and bring smiles in their hardship in lives.

Kind Regards,
DB Mothers & Friends
We recycle & redistribute; it’s charitable & environmental!

P.S. Our upcoming door-to-door donation collection days in Sept are:
12, #, 26

# Flea Market in the DB plaza on Sept 20. Any clean and in working condition second hand items are welcome. #

Stay tuned to the date of our TC Donation Drop-off session in Tung Chung Crescent Blk 5 lobby from 10-11am

We Serve Park Island too! 🙂

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