We are collecting Bags of Blessings – Clothes & toys – on Jun 27, this Saturday!
^ From now until then, WE HAVE 30 STORAGE ZIPPERED BAGS TO PROVIDE for packing your donations! Just pm me for the bags!^
(still have 20 at the moment ;-))

After the successful collection cooperation with Christian Action last two times, on May 30 & Jun 13 2015, DB Mothers & Friends excitedly continues our B.B. Campaign – Bags of Blessings (donation of clothes & toys collection) for Christian Action – this week!

Last time, during our donation drop-off session in DB, we collected more than 24 big zippered storage bags of clothes and toys on Jun 13 after 8 big zippered storage bags of clothes, 5 big zippered storage bags of toys and 1 stroller on May 30 for the charity!

Millions of thanks all DB moms and friends!!

Christian Action, a profound registered charity organisation in Hong Kong, not only do they serve refugees, new immigrants and domestic helpers here, but also extend their helping hands to physically challenged orphans in China for more than a decade!

To continue our support for this charity, DB Mothers and Friends would like to introduce our ‘Bags of Blessings (B.B.) Campaign’ in DB! During the campaign, we would like to invite the help of DB moms to fill bags with clothes or toys between each donation drop-off session, this time, from now to Jun 27. After the bag(s) is/are filled, kindly bring it/them to our donation drop-off session in La Costa Playground from 9-10am.

Period: Now to Jun 27, 2015
Drop-off time: 9-10am, Jun 27
Venue: La Costa Playground
Items wanted in the bags: Clothes and/or toys

May our bags of blessings help Christian Action carry out more blissful missions to the underprivileged in HK and in mainland China.

Our 93rd rounds of Charity Saturday are going to be Jun 27. During our donation drop-off sessions, anything that is small in quantity/size, clean and in working condition can be dropped off as usual too.

Should you have any unwanted FURNITURE, ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES, household items, toys, clothes, books etc, kindly join our Facebook group ‘DB Mothers & Friends’ and pm me
-the pictures of your donation,
-collection address, and
-your contact number.
I shall arrange the collection appointment promptly. First Come First Served.

May our unwanted items be the treasure of the underprivileged in HK and the rest of the world and bring smiles in their hardship in lives.

Kind Regards,
DB Mothers & Friends
We recycle & redistribute; it’s charitable & environmental!

Our upcoming door-to-door donation collection days in Jun & Jul are:
Jun 27, Jul 4, 11, 18, 25;

Donation drop-off in DB, La Costa playground from 9-10am:
Jun 27; Jul 11 & 25

In TC, TC Crescent blk 5 lobby from 10-11am:
Jul 4, 18

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