Thanks to all the support of our donors from DB & TC, DB Mothers & Friends proudly received the update from our close donation partner – Crossroads Foundation – that our donations are well packed and filled containers to Zambia, Africa! The shipment will equip children’s home with educational materials and computers, helping them to perform better at school.

For those who donated to us and haven’t seen the pictures on local beneficiaries benefiting your donation pieces, your donations are either on the way to Africa or sitting at the warehouse of Crossroads for further redistribution.¬†

After a week of putting everything together of Saturday and running the Charity Saturday, it was such a soothing email to read yesterday!

Let me share the joy and see their email to us below.

Our 78th Charity Saturday collection is on Mar 14 is now open for reservation.

Should you have any unwanted furniture, electronic appliances, household items, toys, clothes, books etc,
kindly join our Facebook group ‘DB Mothers & Friends’ and pm me
-the pictures of your donation,
-collection address, and
-your contact number.
I shall arrange the collection appointment promptly.
First Come First Served.

May our unwanted items be the treasure of the less fortunate in HK and the rest of the world and bring smiles in their hardship in lives.

DB Mothers & Friends
We recycle & redistribute; it’s charitable & environmental!