It was for Mr Lam, 59-year old single low income man who recently got allotted a public housing unit in Ngau Tau Kok.

On Dec 12, 2014, we fully furnished his new unit with a bed&mattress, chest of drawers, a washing machine, a fridge and a TV.

However, the life of the TV didn’t last long. Then we redistributed another one along with a foldable table and 2 stackable chairs for him on Jan 16, 2015.

With little knowledge of English, Mr Lam could not tune and start enjoying the TV right after. Then, here comes our dedicated student volunteer – Charlie!

Charlie zealously visited Mr Lam in Ngau Tau Kok on Friday morning, Jan 23 to assist him to install and set up all the channels on his TV. Then he visited him again on Sunday morning, Jan 25, to check if everything was ok, kept him company and took us this gorgeous picture!


DB Mothers & Friends was so proud to steal the credit from Charlie’s kindness to help and send love and care to those who are less privileged in town.

To further spread our blessings among them, should you have any unwanted furniture, electronic appliances, household items, toys, clothes, books etc,
kindly join our Facebook group ‘DB Mothers & Friends’ and pm me
-the pictures of your donation,
-collection address, and
-your contact number.
I shall arrange the collection appointment promptly.
First Come First Served.

May our unwanted items be the treasure of the less fortunate in HK and the rest of the world and bring smiles in their hardship in lives.

DB Mothers & Friends
We recycle & redistribute; it’s charitable & environmental!