Yes, we did it again this week!

Thanks to Regina and Radithe for the bed & mattress and the transport sponsorship, DB Mothers & Friends was able to redistribute a double bed & mattress for refugees today!

This double bed n mattress is going to be benefited by Vanessa and her mom, sleeping side by side in a cubicle unit in Hung Hom (HH).

The resources are on the way now. Ibrahim is going to help Vanessa to assemble the bed at her place in HH afterwards. He is going to send us the pictures of the smiles of the beneficiaries later today. Can’t wait!! 🙂

I shall keep you all updated. 🙂

Should you have any unwanted furniture, electronic appliances, household items etc, kindly pm me the pictures, your address and contact number. I shall arrange the collection for redistribution later.

May all our unwanted but useful pieces be recycled n redistributed among the less fortunate to relieve the hardship in lives inHK n the rest of the world.

DB Mothers & Friends

20141015 DRM Vanessa

20141015 DRM Vanessa bed