Thanks to Koesen n some DB donors, DB Mothers & Friends is redistributing some treasures for Mei Lian today! The mom of Lian was so happy to learn that Lian is going to receive this special bag of donation, especially the baby stroller. She said she would be able to bring her Dollie everywhere she goes now. Special thanks to Koesen for this! Xx

What about the other bag n box of clothes n towels donation? How am I, a 8-month pregnant woman, bringing them for the refugees?

Amazingly Mei Lian’s father Beng offered to wait for me in the Central pier n helped me bring them for the refugees! So glad to learn that Beng was lending his helping hands for us too. How blissful!!

Why am I still doing the redistribution today?

In fact I’ve just found out that I’m 30-week pregnant at the moment ( haven’t really traced it every week for my third one now :p). As I’m planning to fly to Manila to deliver the blankets n new born clothes for the Philippines babies tmr, I have to drop by my doctor today to get the medical certificate for the trip this time to be able to get on a flight. While I am going to the doctor anyway, why not bringing a box n a bag of clothes to the refugees?

Super merci pour Aurelie for offering her helping hands to lift the box n the bag on the ferry. Xx

I’ll keep you all posted for the pictures of today later!

DB Mothers & Friends
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