Was it the baby fan you donated? Was it the baby food n formulas of yours before? Was it you who wrapped the puzzle toy so nicely before dropping it off for us to redistribute?

All the thanks to the super sweet moms here in DB donated all these sweet items, DB Mothers & Friends was able to make this little bag of love for Mei Lian last week.

It was so SWEET to receive the pictures as below to see how happy she was when receiving our little bag of love!

It was the best to see some feedbacks like this when we donate!!

Bringing up a baby girl in a cubicle unit in HK is not easy. Every day having not much space to move inside the unit, the burning weather n trams n busy roads outside just make their daily life harder, not easy to find space to move around with a growing-up little girl.

Luckily, a few months ago, DB Mothers & Friends has also collected plenty of baby clothes and diapers for her as well as finding her a monthly milk powder sponsor, a dedicated mom from TC. The way she dresses nowadays wouldn’t be able to tell any strangers how difficult in fact her daily life is.

However, last night, I’ve received a message from her mom that in fact Mei Lian does not have many short sleeves clothes to wear in the summer, n the clothes she’s got are already too small that showing her tummy… Also, their a-few-hand sterilizer started to be really old. If we could find her another second hand one, she would be more than pleased to collected it from us.

So, if you have any unwanted but clean
– 1-2-year old short sleeves outfits or
– a sterilizer,
would you consider to donate to her by dropping them in DB or in TC this Saturday, July 26?

Any unwanted but clean baby, women, men clothes are welcome too. After sorting out the suitable ones for Mei Lian, we will redistribute the rest for the refugees in HK.

Let’s recycle n redistribute to help the less fortunate in our community in HK!

DB Mothers & Friends

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