It was such an amazing lunch date! How wonderful it is to see Mei Lian enjoyed so much n grab everything to eat independently! Thank you Christol for organizing this!

Thanks to all the DB & TC donors supporting our recycling n redistributing of useful resources to the less fortunate in HK, this time, DB Mothers & Friends delivered a luggage of diapers n supplies to the home of Mei Lian, a 1-year-old girl of a low income family, after we enjoyed our wonderful lunch date at the Regal Airport Hotel, sponsored by our devoted TC mother volunteer Christol.

On the top of the lunch buffet treat, Christol also offered another new can of milk powder for her this month, some thoughtful packs of wet tissue along with the diapers we were giving her today and a new rice cooker! What’s more? She also sponsored the taxi fare from the hotel to her home in the Western district, in the most comfortable way for the mom, Mei Lian and this pregnant woman to deliver the luggage of donations! Thank you Christol!!

In the luggage, we brought her a selection of handy baby picture books, about 50+ pieces of baby diapers, a bag of new baby lotions & creams, some baby feeding utensils, a baby girl swimsuit and some dry food supplies!

Thanks to Mei Lian’s parents Joanne and Beng, they warmly received me in their sweet humble home and didn’t mind me taking pictures of Mei Lian in their unit. Despite the size of their free walking space in their living room not much bigger than an opened hand-carried luggage, I did feel a lot of love and care surrounding this beloved 1-year-old girl Mei Lian. All the afternoon I spent with them was full of her laughters, giggling and smiles, not a sound of demand, frustration or cry!

Last but not least, it was so sweet to learn from her mom that Mei Lian loves the books so much that she couldn’t sleep without them. Her mom sweetly put 2 next to her and is sleeping side but side with her, in case she’s awake in the middle of her sleep and couldn’t find the books!

This is my redistribution diary of today. May there be any unwanted items you have would like to be recycled and redistributed to generate more love and care and smiles in our community by us, kindly join our DB Mothers & Friends group and drop me a line.

Warm Regards,

DB Mothers & Friends
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