Today, we have redistributed half of the children books that we have collected in the last few weeks to the children play area of the DBRC Cafe, after sending the other half to the Philippines. I hope most of us would love this idea n our children could share all these books together during our dining time there, sweet&quietly.

Tomorrow, I’m going to bring the sorted bags of clothes (men & babies) for the homeless via delivering them to the office of the NGO specialized in this area, St. Barnabas’ Society and Home, in Kennedy Town, with a Chinese University student volunteer (who was my student when she was 13&14! ;)). I’m so glad that she contacted me initially to volunteer especially after her exams this year. We will be seeing her face in DB this summer!

I’m so excited about the trip tomorrow already!! Probably becos’ when I saw the quality of all the donated pieces are so good n imagine they are going to be worn on the shoulders on the homeless… Oh, it’s such a blessing!!!

Have a good night!!