Do you remember the homeless elderly lady we helped last month? After delivering a bed, chest of drawers, tv n other daily necessities supplies to her in her newly allotted public housing unit, she’s no longer a homeless lady sleeping in Mc Donald’s anymore.

DB Mothers & Friends delivered another cabinet for her to her unit in Cheung Sha Wan on April 29! The cabinet was collected from Tung Chung (Mr. & Mrs. Wood). We were so thrilled that we can directly redistribute the useful second hand resource to the one in need in HK again!

This time I didn’t forget about my children at home n ran home for them to dismiss my part time helper!

Thanks to the sincere local driver, some generous donors and the network of St. Barnabas’ Society & Home, DB Mothers & Friends could cover the operation cost to deliver this useful cabinet for Ms Siu for her storage in the seniors home!

May you have any useful second hand items to donate, kindly join us on Facebook DB Mothers & Friends for DB residents and Tung Chung Mothers & Friends for those in Tung Chung.

Hope to see you in the upcoming Charity Saturdays!


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