Thank you for all your support and kindness. Today’s Pick-up was another success! Everything was better and more efficiently managed after the last experience. This time, we managed to help 15 families within 4 hours. That helped the Charity save $400 of the tunnel tolls cost (2 hours less) and touched 5 more families than last time. Again, the 5.5-tone Charity truck was fully packed back to the home of redistributing useful donations to the poor!

There are some plans in my head for the future, making arrangements with the City management about collection points as well as the ‘friendly’ tunnel pass. However, at the moment, I’m the ‘one-woman-band’ here who’s a mother of 2 young children without any helpers. So I’m still trying to find the time to push this campaign to another level up. I would greatly appreciate if there is any professionals in any areas who would like to volunteer and join this Charity-in-Db team to make us a more convivial community to live in day after day. 🙂

Meanwhile, all donors are welcome, with or without monetary contribution. After all, donations are donations. The Charity is more than pleased to help us, Dbers, and eventually those in need in town.

Just PM me if you would like to donate anything on Sept 7 or volunteer help in any areas!

Have a good weekend!